With its staff of more than 1,700 employees, the Operations Department remains a watchful eye to provide the services necessary to facilitate travel procedures for every passenger on arrival and departure around the clock.

 The Operations Department ensures that the services provided at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) give a distinctive impression that serves all passengers and the public by facilitating travel procedures, securing facilities in the airport buildings, supervising the implementation of commercial agreements for companies, ensuring the safety and security of passengers’ and public property, as well as providing all services for people with special needs.

The Lost and Found Section (LFA) conducts inspection tours to search for lost luggage throughout the airport and deliver it to the lost and found warehouse in accordance with the procedures and regulations approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The Commercial Contracts Section (CCA) also conducts inspection tours to ensure the implementation of all terms and articles of contracts concluded between the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and commercial companies.

 The Airport facilitation Section (FAA) is specialized in facilitating the services provided to passengers, directing them to the gates, responding to passengers’ inquiries through the information desk or the automated information counter for answering public inquiries outside Kuwait International Airport (KIA), as well as the announcement room that specializes in recording daily flight data, and making a voice announcement of flight information and last call for boarding the aircraft.

 One of the tasks of the Operations Department is to direct aircraft to the gates or to the designated parking areas, and to receive notifications of any emergency. The Movement Control Center (MCC) is a section specialized in coordinating the movement of aircraft at the airport ramp, ensuring that all flights arrive and depart on time whenever possible, and using advanced programs to record all flights data and inform the announcement room of any updates related to flights status. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) also coordinates with the concerned authorities for any emergency, prepares their own reports, and implements the emergency plan procedures for Kuwait International Airport (KIA) with all concerned authorities inside and outside the airport.

 The Security and Safety Supervision (SSS) of the Operations Department supervises the inspection tours in the airport ramp area to check the safety of the runways and to ensure that the ramp is free of any Foreign Object Debris (FOD), stray animals and birds that affect the safety of air traffic. The Supervision also applies all security and safety measures to all users of the ramp area in adherence with the rules and regulations applicable internationally in accordance with the Annexes of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

 For the Supervision of Airport Duty services (DAS), the duty supervisor oversees all the previously mentioned sections, and ensures that the work is progressing as required, as well as monitoring and supervising the performance of employees working in the Operations Department in particular, and the entities operating at Kuwait International Airport (KIA) in general, and ensuring that services are provided at the highest level in the interest of Passengers, and to coordinate with airlines and Ground Service Providers regarding the number of baggage check-in counters for each airline in accordance to the number of passengers on each flight, and the available baggage check-in areas in the terminal.