Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the entire airport – from the plants in the terminal buildings to the aprons, runways and taxiways – the Construction Department’s activities are continually expanding.

With the infrastructure at KIA closely resembling that of a small town, it is a vast responsibility, but one handled with professionalism by the two dedicated sectors that make up the Department. For the Maintenance Sector there is a major mission: to keep the airport’s existing infrastructure in top condition. It’s no easy task, given both the harsh operating environment during the summer season and the fact that KIA is open 24 hours a day. There are four aspects to maintenance; the terminal building, runways, landscape and irrigation maintenance and a quick response unit.

The first three operate on two-year contracts and the DGCA is always raising service levels. The airport’s green landscape scheme, part of the the DGCA’s contribution to an Amiri request for the beautification of Kuwait, has at its heart a high-tech irrigation system, which allows large sandy areas alongside the runways and taxiways to be greened.

The project incorporates the airport’s impressive VIP zone and passenger terminal. The move is part of the DGCA’s drive to create an even more lasting impression of KIA, especially for first-time visitors. Workload for the Maintenance Sector will increase along with the infrastructure, as specified in the ambitious Master Plan. Ways to improve the overall harmonisation of the airport are always on the go, the project to revitalise the existing terminal decoration with an "aircraft cabin" design concept, a case in point.

The DGCA is mindful of the image of the airport and the constant need for fresh developments. Ongoing change ensures passengers know the airport is well maintained and that the DGCA is continually working towards passenger and service improvements. The Projects Sector of the Department is equally busy, helping determine the enormous scope and viability of the KIA Master Plan. Projects will include runway extensions, a new cross field dual taxiway, a second passenger terminal, and enhancements to the cargo area. Building new facilities and ensuring their maintenance 24 hours a day, the Construction Department is an integral part of the DGCA machine.