Providing essential support for the entire DGCA organisation is the ongoing task of the Administrative Affairs Department. Primarily responsible for the DGCA’s human resource management, the Department oversees all recruitment, training, career development and discipline issues for the 1,388-plus staff working at KIA. Keenly aware that an organisation is only as good as its people, the DGCA goes to great lengths to ensure that all staff are fully trained, ensuring all duties are carried out at peak performance..

Annual staff appraisals help determine career direction and promotion prospects, and human resource staff are always on call to discuss these and other issues. All staff members are encouraged to build up their workplace skills, any additional qualifications being taken into account during their annual review.

All personnel training is overseen by the Training & Development Office (see panel, right), a dedicated unit within the Administrative Affairs Department. Other routine duties handled by the Administrative Affairs Department include oversight of DGCA working practices, attendance and payroll issues, information gathering and statistical analyses