Civil Aviation:Medical Examination for Expats Arriving from Ten Countries to Kuwait

Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a circular today (Tuesday) to all expats passengers coming from Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Georgia, and Lebanon to undergo medical examination (PCR - Certificate) that confirms they are free from the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) before entering the country.


The Directorate stressed that the examination certificate must be issued by health centers approved by the Embassy of State of Kuwait, adding that if there is no Kuwaiti embassy in these countries, they must be certified by the health authorities operating in the said countries.


The Directorate indicated that this Circular will be implemented as from 8th March, pointing out that if not carrying the above virus-free certificate then the passenger will be prevented from entering Kuwait and deported on the same carrier without the State bearing any financial costs, together with levying fine on the airline company for violating this circular.


The Directorate stated that Kuwaiti citizens are excluded from the above Circular, as the examination procedures in force at Kuwait International Airport will be applied to them by the Kuwaiti health authorities.